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Top 5 Mistakes Made When Repowering a Vessel

Today’s mariner has much at stake when considering a repower. Recognizing these Top 5 Mistakes will help prevent surprises that may arise in the search for the best marine propulsion engine.

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Mitsubishi S6R2 Vs CAT C32

S6R2 VS C32

On average the Mitsubishi diesel engine is producing about 5L of displacement per cylinder, as the C32 produces 2.68L per cylinder. The displacement of an engine has a direct impact on power output and fuel efficiency. 

Mitsubishi Marine Engine

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 Over Laborde’s 21 years of tenure, they have discovered the lack of hands-on involvement and guidance by engine providers is one of the many complexities the marine industry faces. When one is faced with the crucial decision of selecting the best engine for their repower, Laborde feels no one should be left guessing.

Mitsubishi Diesel Engine Parts


What can we say? Parts are simply an essential business. Tight deadlines and quick turnarounds are no stranger to our industry. There’s nothing worse than a simple part order stopping you from getting back to work. The value of parts? Immeasurable. Our stock? Unbounded. It’s simple, we’ve got your back. Laborde Products understands our commercial customers can not afford to wait for parts or service, and we invest heavily in our parts inventory to ensure levels are always well equipped.